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The Jedi Order/The Sith Order  -  We are a large and fast growing RP-focused guild on the SWTOR RP server, The Ebo...
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inquisition and RhynoJaxer registered to The Jedi Order/The Sith Order
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The Jedi Order/The Sith Order has reached a new record of 200 registered users today!
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Lord Inquisitor Bandersnatch   And no one made cake...or cookies.....why?
Eva   I'll get Dia on the cookies, stat!
GO CHWUQ YOURSELF   CHWÛQ WANT COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Therdoyada   registered to The Jedi Order/The Sith Order
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Therdoyada   Howdy folks.
Virynn   registered to The Jedi Order/The Sith Order
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Kerrigan Creed   Heeey, how are ya?

Dorria   I wanna do a gif post too!
gadenta   welcome person idk!! *Changes tv station to history and blames the new guy... or Kerri* xD
Cipher Six AEONOps  created a new thread [AEON] - ACTION NEEDED - PLEASE READ in the Allied Empire Operations Network (AEON) forum
VedhraI have updated the Leadership Availability schedule. If yours has changed, please edit your post with good times.
Thank you,
Your Friendly Webmaster Smuggler
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Emerek GV  I'm gonna be "that guy" and say, "There's a leadership availability schedule?"
Vedhra   [link]

Sadevi BBAEON  Saryna lovely, I copied and pasted my update from the original you posted. Sadly, the program aligned it to the left. So, feel free to fix it. I am not a technical person. I am a creative story idea person. <laughs>
Aemixx Crimson Guar  uploaded an image to Art Gallery
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Ashyll / Duragonn GUILD MASTERSCYTHEIt is time to grind! Double Command XP Event begins tomorrow and runs until July 25. Perfect time to go do some pvp, uprisings, fps or ops! Who's in?
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Darius   Woo! Hype!
abbe_faria CONSULARSMcCheese  jv58i1.gif
Augustine   sure! Just hit me up on discord when you wanna do stuff. Never done uprisings, though
Cipher Six AEONOpsThanks to everyone for your feedback regarding restructuring AEON. Based on the results of the recent poll, the changes to AEON have now been put in place. Please go to the AEON link under Guild Info > Sith Order and review the threads there to answer any questions you may have. If you have additional feedback, please send it via the suggestion box in the useful links section of our website. Also, make sure to post your character(s) new division in the AEON Division Roster after reviewing the division information located in AEON Rankings & Divisions Explained.
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Cipher Six AEONOps  created a new thread AEON Divisions Roster in the Allied Empire Operations Network (AEON) forum
Ashyll / Duragonn GUILD MASTERSCYTHE5.3 is dropping tomorrow! Check what's new:
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Ashyll / Duragonn GUILD MASTERSCYTHEI scheduled a fun event for Imp side tonight. Black Tie Gala Infiltration, and our first calendar-scheduled RP in Zakuul itself! Formal wear is mandatory.
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Kerrigan Creed   *Cries cause working* *Even has Formal Wear*
gadenta   -sulks off cuz i was working too- :'(
abbe_faria CONSULARSMcCheeseMERICA!
Top 10 Americans in Anime
Top 10 Americans in Anime // Subscribe:
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Master Chich GV  created a new thread RL - 1 Chich - 0 in the Council Newsletter forum
Master Chich GVI survived the camp out - only had to deal with a hornet sting, a 2 1/4 inch long sliver into someone's butt and one puke fest INSIDE of a port-a-potty. Good times, but I"m SOOOOO glad to be back home. See you all later this evening.
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abbe_faria CONSULARSMcCheese  *runs away giggling*
gadenta   my question... how the heck did someone get a 2 1/4 inch long silver into their butt??
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